Winkle Toy Review

Parents have always found it hard and extra challenging to avail the best baby gears and toys. Their delicate and precious little ones would always come first and the challenge lies on how you invest on toys and baby gears that would ensure the safety and welfare of your infant. It is undoubtedly a great thing that Manhattan Toys created some of the best lineups of toys and baby accessories especially the Winkle toy.

If you are searching for a lasting and long-term investment especially on baby items and gears, this ought to be on top of your list. More and more moms and dads have proven the highest quality features in Manhattan Toy merchandise. Hence, it is no wonder that this brand has been a staple in every household especially in the nursery.

The creation and advent of this colorful teething toy is one of the best innovations of this trusted and dependable name. The playroom and nursery would never be complete without this item especially created to help your baby in his growing up years. One of the most important stages of development is your baby’s teething stage. When this happens, make sure you give him the best accessory to aid and support this process. There is none better than giving him the colorful and plush Winkle toy designed specifically for this purpose.

Moms and dads truly love this baby-friendly toy which infants, tots and toddlers appreciate and get hooked to. This item is a safe and colorful teething toy with plastic loops so that your little ones are helped with the most secure and comfortable way. Never risk him putting just anything in his mouth which is quite inevitable during this phase. This Winkle loops are the only safest and most reliable toys to give him and nothing else.

You could actually have it refrigerated so that it gives a more comfortable, easy and pleasing effect when infants gnaw on their teething accessory.

Aside from the colorful and bright variations of hoops, there are also other entertaining features in this toy and baby accessory. For instance, it has the rattle as its centerpiece so that your baby stays hooked and entertained for hours and hours.

The Winkle toy is undoubtedly a perennially loved toy that has the stunning colors for longer entertainment of your baby. Moreover, it has special features to ensure that this safe pliable toy would give your little ones the most soothing teething phase ever.

Crazy Critters Dog Toy Review

The market today offers an abundance of dog accessories and this includes toy options. As a dog owner, it’s important to choose the right toy that fits your dog’s personality. You want a play item that peaks their interest and keeps them occupied. Dogs, especially puppies, have so much energy. They need to stay active to avoid boredom. Without having something to occupy their time, they will find activities on their own which usually leads to mischievous activities.

Not only should a good dog toy occupy your dog’s attention, it should stimulate positive behavior and promote healthy activities in the form of exercise. Dog toys need to be durable enough to withstand the abuse of a dog or puppy. One of my puppies favorite dog toy is the plush animal toy from Crazy Critters. It’s a durable stuffing-free toy made specifically for dogs.

The Crazy Critters dog toy is a life-like “fox” or “raccoon” animal character measuring in 24 inches in length. With the plush toy being so durable and long, my puppy enjoys playing pulling type (tug-of-war) activities with my family, friends and I. Occasionally, I will play hide and seek with my puppy and take the toy and hide it in the sofa cushions while a squeeze the squeakers. He goes absolutely crazy when I do that and will wear him out trying to find the toy.

The life-like appearance has my puppy barking at it thinking it moved or made a noise through 1 of 2 squeaker noise makers located at the end of the tail or in the nose area. My puppy will grab the plush toy from the tail and swing it side by side. One of the favorite features of the Crazy Critter toy is that it’s 100% machine wash-able. With the plush toy suitable for both indoors and outdoors, it can get quite dirty. Having the option to wash it is a complete bonus to me.

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the Crazy Critters dog toy. Unfortunately, like most toys, it’s not 100% indestructible. After some time with my puppy, he’ll find a way to destroy it like many of the toys he has had.